South of France

So, I recently went for a work trip to Cannes, France (one of the reasons why I love my job) for an International TV Conference (MIPTV), which happens at the same place as the the famous Cannes Film festival at the Palais des festivals. It was my first time visiting the South of France and honestly even with the unforgiving weather (pouring rain, high winds, low temperatures); it did not disappoint.



I have always loved France and by France I mean Paris because that’s what France meant to me up until recently. The beauty of Paris (I have been there a few times) I thought was unmatched but I stand corrected- not only does South of France has the charm and romance of the beautiful architecture and cobblestone roads, it has the most picturesque landscape.



I was in Cannes for a week but due to the pouring rain my co workers and I were only able to venture out the very first day of our stay. We took an Uber (since there was a train strike, we were not able to use any public transportation) from Cannes to Nice to Monaco/Monte Carlo, visiting little villages in the middle. What blew me away about Monaco, other than the beauty of course, was the richness. From the million dollar yachts to the gorgeous seaside homes to Rolls-Royce at every corner- everything looked and felt expensive. We also drove on the highly coveted Formula 1 Race track, which is basically the main road that goes through the middle of the city. We also visited the President’s house (a palace on top of the hill in Monaco).


In Cannes, I enjoyed some very scrumptious French food; which by the way is every bit as legendary as it is glorified by Anthony Bourdain. I wasn’t adventurous enough to try certain delicacies like pigeons and rabbits but being so close to the coast I did indulge in plenty of fresh seafood- all prepared differently but amazing nonetheless-truly a festival of flavors. I thoroughly enjoyed all my culinary outings- from fancy Michelin star restaurants to street side crepe stands #wheninfrance 🙂



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Speaking of ‘when in France’, we stayed at a small Airbnb that was very cozy and felt like home (except for the lack of central air conditioning). I loved the glass ceiling, especially when I sat right under it listening to the rain (a very rare sound for Californians). Not once during our stay (I shared this apartment with two other co workers) at this apartment did we turn on the TV. Granted, we were out most of the day but still I think it was something about the coziness and the ‘Frenchness’ of this apartment that made us not want to break its spell on us.



I absolutely loved everything about South of France and can’t wait to return for a proper holiday without the restrain of being at work from 9am-6pm.



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