Breaking Up with My Job

It is never easy to walk out of a relationship. No matter how unhealthy and self degrading that relationship may be, it’s the investment of time and labor of love that makes you want to stay. At least that’s what I have learnt from my last break up with my job of two years. Walking out was not the easiest decision I made but it was not the hardest either, once the reality sunk in.

For over two years now,  I have worked for a hardware brand (I’m talking hinges, latches, sheet metal and all the other sexy hardware products that this industry has to offer) doing channel marketing for them. It was not the most interesting brand to work for, I mean let’s be real, I would have much rather worked for Lululemon or Nike or any other athletic gear company; but hey dream jobs only exist in dreams- at least for me. It was, however, a very convenient job- 2 miles from my home, 1 mile from my son’s school, and half a mile from my gym. It had other conveniences as well- likeable boss, average travel, 8-5 schedule, good company culture. I made some great friendships here as well. So, why DID I break up with my job- because I didn’t want to settle for a low paying, unrewarding, undervalued job for the sake of convenience.

On November 8th, inspired by voting for the first female Presidential candidate, I decided to ask for a promotion for the first time in my 10+ years of professional career. Thinking I’m irreplaceable at my job, I was confident of the outcome. Two months and numerous follow ups later, not only did I find out that I was replaceable but also that my relationship was not worth to them as much as it was to me. My ego was hurt but more than that it was my self worth that was questioned. At the end of the day, all I had asked for was for them to give me the title suited for the work that I was doing and the pay that went along with that title. I was determined that if I didn’t get what I deserved, I would find the strength to walk out and not let them take advantage of me.  Having read a plethora of books and articles about how it’s hard for women to ask for promotion because it’s something that they think should be just handed to them- I personally feel it’s more the fear of rejection that holds us back. It’s like not receiving that proposal in a committed relationship that you feel you deserve. I mean there is a reason why men are generally the one who propose to women not the other way around. Well, in my case, instead of waiting around for a proposal, I proposed, got rejected and then walked out of a relationship that was never perfect to begin with. I don’t regret the decision I made, I just wish I had made it sooner.

I’m pretty certain that there is a match (job) that recognizes my worth the way I recognize it in myself- I just have to go out there and find it. Yes, I may have to kiss some frogs on the way but in the end, I hope I find my Prince Charming.

Now, wouldn’t it be #totallyrad if my perfect match was working for myself, perhaps starting a blog and becoming my own boss. After all, “The sky is the limit when there is no ceiling”- Hillary Rodham Clinton 🙂

8 thoughts on “Breaking Up with My Job

  1. Everything you wrote is so true!!! Women often have to make compromises in the workplace and this is not fair. We all have to learn to ask for what we think we deserve. I also liked the comparison to a relationship. “There are other fish in the sea.” There are many avenues we can take in life. Great article!


  2. U truly r totally rad… Amazing wire, super mom, bestest daughter… And my favorite sister!!! I love u alwayz u truly r my inspiration…


  3. Love you and so damn proud of you. I know one thing you are patience and you are dedicated💕I always used you as an example when teaching my kids about sacrifices and patience.. you know what I am talking about😜Love you and always wishing you The BEST!!!


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